Ignited by passion. Crafted by experts.

Founded on the belief that quality eyewear can be classically constructed, yet affordable, all Tortoise & Blonde glasses are crafted by experts and customized to fit your unique vision.

In 2010, then 25-year-old Evan Weisfeld approached his father, Optometrist Steven Weisfeld, with the idea for high-quality, stylish prescription eyewear that was affordable for even the struggling college student.

From that moment, Tortoise & Blonde was born, the rest is history... Evan saw a niche that needed filling–high-quality, stylish prescription eyewear affordable for even the strug

From that moment, Tortoise & Blonde was born – giving you the reassurance that your eyes are getting the best, fashion-forward frames for you, plus the Optician’s seal of approval.



After earning his Doctor of Optometry degree from Pennsylvania College of Optometry, Dr. Weisfeld began as an independent optometrist. From 1994-96, Dr. Weisfeld served as a consultant to the Prio Organization, a company instrumental in the study, diagnosis and treatment of Computer Vision Syndrome. He was integral in expanding their product mix to independent optometrists on the East Coast. He also has served as an Affiliate Professor in clinical development at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico, School of Optometry.

Having spent over 30 years in a successful and growing Optometric practice, Dr. Weisfeld has devoted his time and care to his patients and community. Dr. Weisfeld enjoys engaging with students at his postsecondary alma mater, as well as hosting Optometric students in his practice.


After college and cutting his teeth on Wall St., Evan traded in his tie and wingtips to run day-to-day operations at Tortoise & Blonde. With a bachelors in Supply Chain & Information Systems from Penn State, Evan began his working career as an analyst at Credit Suisse but has always had a passion for design. Growing up as the son of an eye doctor and having been a glasses wearer with a keen sense of fashion, Evan saw a niche market in creating a high quality eyewear brand that is affordable for even struggling college students. An avid surfer, concertgoer and self-proclaimed culinary master, Evan enjoys spending time outdoors and vacationing with his family.