Our Heritage

Evan & Steven Weisfeld

The Evolution of Tortoise & Blonde

Growing up in an optical business, I’ve been exposed to many facets of the industry. My Dad had a large eyeglass distribution company where I helped out from an early age. I started making deliveries to Optometrists and Opticians throughout NYC at age thirteen. During my summers in college, I traveled the Northeast calling on our accounts. When my uncle passed away suddenly while I was in Optometry school, I took time off to help my Dad run the business. Its safe to say optical is in my family's DNA.

Tortoise & Blonde was born from a conversation I had with my son, Evan, in 2010. After struggling with what to name the business, I remembered my roots in the warehouse picking orders and calling out the frame colors in the 1960s; Demi-Amber, Demi-Blonde, Blonde Tortoise and then it hit me…Tortoise & Blonde! I repeated it a dozen times aloud, and liked what I was hearing.  

After three generations, my family's newest venture is Tortoise & Blonde.  Our customers see our passion in our product and our employees feel it in how we operate.

I hope you will to.

Steven Weisfeld, OD

CEO Tortoise & Blonde