Seth & Lauren Kallen

As co-founder of This Fiction Management, Seth manages and represents bands including Ra Ra Riot, Jukebox the Ghost, and X Ambassadors. Lauren is a photographer whose portfolio spans from landscapes to weddings to portraits. She is currently the lead photographer for WeWork.



Seth: As an artist manager, my job is to get musicians to a place where they can fully focus on their craft. Being a musician myself, I know that that place is somewhere with no judgment, and no inhibitions. Artists need to let go, and write and create for themselves. That’s when you get the best stuff. I help them get to that place and work every day to get the music heard.

Lauren: For me, if I can capture everything in the camera without doing much work in postproduction, that’s achieving something. When the final image is exactly what I envisioned when I click the shutter, that is the most rewarding feeling. I’m also constantly trying to take new perspectives of the people and places I’m shooting. As a photographer you’re lucky enough to meet so many interesting people along the way; hearing their stories and getting the chance to capture special moments with them one on one.


Seth: I started off in the music business by writing, recording, and touring in my own band. Along the way, I met some incredible artists who I choose to dedicate my life to. There’s something really special about being the closest person to great music and great people, quietly working behind the scenes. It’s a challenge for sure - you feel both the ups and the downs - but every goal we hit as a team feels special each time.

Lauren: I fell in love with photography as a kid - I could never get enough of playing with my grandmother’s point & shoot while on holiday around Europe. I was always so enamored with documenting the people and moments around me. As I got older, this all combined with my love of music, when I began shooting for music websites and publications in London. I’m now in New York, shooting for a variety of clients as well as working as Lead Photographer at WeWork, documenting our members and growing community.


Seth: I tend to be drawn to big, bold frames in dark colors - black, tortoise, etc. I’ve always loved Tortoise & blonde’s “Collins” frame.

Lauren: For me, it’s all about big round frames with a vintage feel. I love Jane Birkin’s style with her long hair and long fringe, wrapped around big sunglasses.


Seth: I recently surfed for the first time in Nosara, Costa Rica. I can’t say I’m any good, but I’m excited to get back out and try again! Also, after traveling to Brazil last year I’ve become more and more passionate about Bossa Nova - we listen to Joáo Gilberto almost every day at home.

Lauren: In the last few months I’ve started The Morning People Project with my husband; a photo essay series where we interview and document the people behind our favorite neighborhood cafes, bakeries, and more. It’s a way to connect with the people who brighten our days every morning. But even more so, it’s a way for me to learn the ups and downs and stories of people starting and running their own cafes and small businesses, because I’ve always dreamt of having a tea room of my own!


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