Rhythmic, heady, and hypnotic sounds. Nu-Hula, the self titled genre, is strangely appropriate. Music that bleeds summer vibes.



Ken Vasoli: Music has been an obsession of mine since I was nine years old. I started taking bass guitar lessons with the logic that I wouldn't be able to find a bassist my age to complete a band (I figured guitarist and drummers would be no problem). I've been in bands ever since. I never wondered what I would do with my life, music was always the answer. It's boundless and endlessly fascinating to me. I'm constantly driven to write a better song than my last.

Michael Mullin: Context and space are always my first considerations as an artist. Color, form, and content are all secondary to place and site-specificity. What is the essence at work?

Greg Altman: Music is a passionate business. It demands a commitment to quality, which means time and effort spent. Every worthwhile craft shares this assertion.

Ryan Zimmaro: Music has always been my driving passion. I picked up drumsticks at an early age and quickly became obsessed. I've always been excited by musicianship, the creative process, the challenge it brings, and staying current.


Ken Vasoli: I was lucky enough to join forces with some older fellows when I was an adolescent. We started a band that caught some success. Once in a while, I play music with those same gentlemen and still enjoy it. Now I'm in Vacationer and feel completely in my element with the music I presently make. It's been a great life decorated with such satisfying events.

Michael Mullin: I have been making art for as long I as I can remember. Through traveling, performing, and studying fine art and sculpture at Tyler School of Art, I have honed my own aesthetic and critical perspective. However, I truly "got here" through the strength of my friendships and the love in my life.

Greg Altman: Through a chaotic series of occupational adventures. Keep your eyes open, network, and try to become friends with everyone you meet. You never know who is going to offer your next job.

Ryan Zimmaro: I've been playing drums and making music in and out of bands for the better part of my life. Over the years of playing I've built friendships that have allowed me to follow this musical journey. I joined Vacationer four years ago and have been looking down the open road ever since.


Ken Vasoli: One of my jerk friends from high school used to call me football head, I think he got it from "Hey Arnold." He was a jerk, but not totally wrong. I have a wide face. So eyewear needs to withstand the shape of my melon. Style comes second to that requirement.

Michael Mullin: For my face, I tend toward earth tones and frame lines aligned to my cheek and brow bones. I don't tend towards anything too ostentatious.

Greg Altman: I favor utilitarianism and the color black. Style is secondary, although important.

Ryan Zimmaro: I've recently become a full time glasses wearing man, where I'm still challenged in picking the right frame. I tend to lean towards a rectangular/slightly-rounded frame with a tortoise finish. 


Ken Vasoli: Lately, I've been surfing every chance I get. It's my second season learning. Practicing intensely, eagerly striving to not suck.

Michael Mullin: I've been researching the planetary orbits of the solar system and the mathematical harmonies that are present. It is my true bliss to dive deep into the mechanizations of nature at the smallest and largest scales.

Greg Altman: Breaking, fixing, and riding motorcycles. These shades keep the bugs where they should be: out of my eyes.

Ryan Zimmaro: A recent passion of mine has been running. I've done it off and on for the last few years, but this past year Jen and I committed to a consistent regular schedule. It's been a fun way to keep myself challenged and motivated.


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